Outdoor Patio Fire Pits and Tables

Customized Fire Pits in Spokane and Spokane Valley


Jacobs Custom Living is the leading specialist in fire pits in Spokane Valley and the northern Spokane area, offering you the opportunity to utilize the “fun” aspect of your backyard to its full potential.

There is nothing like a fire to bring together your family and friends – be it summer, winter, spring or fall. The comforting warmth, flickering flames, and crackle of burning logs add a touch of elegance and antiquity to your home. Furthermore, you can enhance the beauty of a burning fire by replacing traditional logs with our exclusive “fire gems” in the color of your choice for a truly unique atmosphere in your outdoor space.

We work closely with several companies that deal with decorative and practical fire products, providing us with a full scope of customizable solutions for your individual needs.

As the premium provider of outdoor patio fire products, we are proud to offer the following:


  • Propane, and natural gas fire pits

  • Tabletop elements that burn a liquid gel

  • Fyre Gems, Glass, or Diamond Nuggets


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