Customer Reviews

I have a 25' pontoon boat reupholstered by Jacobs so it has a lot of material. Within the first year one color of the job started falling apart. Returned to Jabobs and they stood behind their work. That one color was a bad product and has been replaced with a better product. Thanks Jacobs, your word is good and your work is of a high quality

~Kim Lynch

Thank you for your referral to Jacobs Upholstery. It was by far one of the most pleasant experiences I've had in Spokane in dealing with an organization providing sales, service, and repairs. Cody Jacobs could not have been nicer and more accommodating, not to mention the excellent repairs on the interior of my vehicle. I hope you refer all your customers there in need of similar repairs. I can promise they will not be disappointed.

~Lamar Jackson

Donna brought my vision into reality. I love the finishing touch to my living room.

~Peggy Franklin

When I came to Jacobs upholstery I had struggled with three other drapery companies in Spokane .  One company took many months and several mistakes ,one was very limited on my choices of fabric , and another dropped the project after we had almost completed it .  I met Donna at Jacobs and what a pleasant surprise ! She quickly sourced the fabric,  tassels I had wanted and allowed me to use my own finials which helped with my budget. And the project was finished so quickly. In other words she was over the top in customer service. It was always about me and how I envisioned my room .  I would highly recommend Jacobs.

~ Barb Walters 

They did a fantastic job with my Party Barge- new upholstery and cover has held up very well over the years.
Thanks Darby!

~Thad Schoesler

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