Associated Energy System

Associated Energy Systems

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Associated Energy System

Associated Energy Systems

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Our Story...

Allen Knudson started AES in the 1940s as a general hardware store that offered lumber, ice, coal and oil. In the mid 50s, Knudson's daughter, Norma, and his son-in-law, Ben Newby (our mom and dad) took over the store. They started selling fireplaces and accessories and by the 70s AES started distributing hearth products regionally.

Craig and I joined the business in the early 80s and along with the nuts and bolts of the industry Dad taught us how to work hard, provide exceptional customer service and offer unwavering integrity.

I can still hear him saying, "Intelligence, interest and integrity. Intelligence means respecting your customer's thinking. Interest means caring about your customer more than you care about yourself. Integrity means always doing the right thing. Always."

   We appreciate your business.

- Your AES Team

Contact us for our availability at 509-926-4230

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