Leather Color and Grain

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Leather Color and Grain
Leather Color and Grain
Leather Color and Grain


Leather Color and Grain

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COLOR and Grain


Leather that has been dyed with a transparent dye which penetrates all the way through the top and back surfaces, allowing all the natural characteristics of the hide to be highlighted.

Top-grain leather that is aniline dyed, and has pigment and/or other topical finishes added for enhanced effects or a more even coloration.

Top Grain
The outermost layer of the leather hide, which produces the highest quality leather.

Full Grain
Top grain leather that has not been altered and retains its original, natural grain.

The distinctive pore and wrinkle pattern of a hide; may be either natural or embossed.

Underlying layers of the leather hide, not top grain. Used for suede, and may be embossed to simulate top grain.

A reconstituted leather product created by grinding leather scraps and mixing them with bonding agents to create a sheet of material, then embossed with a grain pattern. Often used on leather book covers.


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