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2 Custom Window Treatment Options For When You Have A View To Die For

by Dave Jacobs
2 Custom Window Treatment Options For When You Have A View To Die For


2 Window Treatment Options For When You Have A View To Die For.

We have all read the articles about how to block or hide a bad view with custom window shades or window blinds . But what if you are one of those people who has a spectacular view. Chances are you bought your home because of that view. There is no way you want to hide that vision of loveliness behind yards and yards of window curtains or blinds that you can't see through.

Sometimes that hot sun streaming through those windows drives you crazy though!  You asked us at Jacobs Custom Living what you are supposed to do to solve this problem and Donna Jacobs, our Custom Window Treatment Expert, has the perfect answer for you. 

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Interior Roller Shades by Insolroll is the Way To Go For Custom Window Treatments

With roller window shades you have a few options. You can choose from solar sun shades, blackout shades, and decorative shades. 

In our expert custom window treatment opinion (you can take it or leave it) if your priority is to salvage your view, then you need to go with solar sun shades or decorative shades.

Solar Sun Shades are made from a solar screen mesh fabric that helps to control the glare from the sun, the heat from the sun, and of course sunlight. This is a very creative choice for you interior window treatment. It will effectively maintain your view and give you optimal control.

Decorative roller shades are for you if you're priority is to salvage your view AND create a beautiful interior. You can customize your interior roller shade with color, pattern, and texture. This option provides you with privacy, and gives you light control.

The Best In Custom Sheer Window Curtains

Custom sheer window curtains are a more traditional look than the modern roller shades. This type of window treatment adds dimension, texture, and sophistication to any room. Sheer curtains effectively solve the problem about what to do concerning your view, light, and privacy. 

Sheer window curtains will still allow you to enjoy your dazzling view, at the same time as giving you the light control that you desire so much to have. Sheer curtains are made from a thin fabric material that allows the perfect amount of light in, while providing you with some much need privacy.

Custom sheer window treatments allow you to have control over many style options. You can choose fabric pattern, color, and texture. You can also customize a thicker, more drape like window curtain, that co-ordinate with your custom sheers to layer over the sheers for an added touch of style and even more privacy.

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Free In-Home Design Consultation

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You Love Your View

We love that you love your view. We want to help you enhance your windows, not hide them. 


We Have The Knowledge

It's hard to make such an important decision when you just don't have all the information you need. We are here for you, with over 60 years of custom experience we are brimming with all the right info. Let's have a conversation and by the end of our chat, you will know just what to do.


There Is No Right Or Wrong Answer

You can have the best of both worlds! Your exquisite view, as well as light & privacy control. It's up to you, how you would like to achieve that for your home. We are on board with whatever custom window treatment you have decided is best for you.


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