6 Benefits Of Investing In Awnings

6 Benefits Of Investing In Awnings

  • Awnings provide better outdoor enjoyment. By controlling the weather that hits your patio or deck you can enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine. Your awning will turn your outdoor space into a beautiful room where you and family can spend endless hours creating memories that last generations. You'll be able to enjoy your time outdoors more than you ever have been able to before.
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  • Awnings will save you money on air conditioning. The inside of your home will stay cooler by blocking the sun  from your windows, doors, and walls. This will decrease the amount of heat absorption into your home.
  • Awnings will save you money on electricity bills. You can permit the natural sun light to enter your home reducing the need to use lights or lamps during the day. This will cut down your electricity bills significantly over time. The bonus benefit of this is that you are able to control your indoor shade much easier then having to open and close individual blinds or drapes on multiple windows. This reduction in energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint.
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  • Awnings protect your furniture. Luxury patio furniture is engineered to weather the elements of the outdoors much better than your indoor furniture. However, over time these elements do have an effect on your outdoor furniture. Awnings will help limit the sun exposure and water damage to these items. In addition, by blocking the direct sunlight from entering the inside of your home you will be preventing your indoor furniture, drapes, hardwood floors, and carpets from discoloration and fading due to the ultraviolet rays that stream through unprotected windows.
  • Awnings expand your living space. Transform your bare patio, deck, or concrete slab into an outdoor living space. The average temperature is 20 degrees lower under a large awning than in the surrounding space. This makes the comfort level in your patio space under an awning to be comparable to that of your indoors. An extra plus is that you can feel better about your fur babies being outdoors.
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  • Awnings increase your home's value.  Awnings enhance your curb appeal, which will help separate your home form similar properties in the marketplace. Awnings also add more usable square footage to your home because you can entertain, relax, or dine in a space that could not be usable if not for the retractable awning.


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Since summer is approaching soon, I wanted to get an outdoor awning installed in our home so our family can enjoy eating and spending time outside more while it’s sunny. I’m glad that you mentioned how awnings can help protect your patio furniture from harsh weather conditions since they limit exposure to direct sunlight and water damage. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a trusted patio service that can help install an outdoor awning for our home before summer comes. https://patiosolutionsrochester.com/awnings/

Anna Collins

My electric bill gets very high in the summer months when I am running the air conditioning. Thank you for pointing out that awnings can help reduce electric bills by controlling indoor shade. It would be smart for me to discuss my awning options with an expert so I can reduce my energy usage next summer. https://www.wilfords.com.au/

Greta James

You made a good point when you said that you can enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine when you have a patio cover installed. My husband and I will then consider hiring a professional that can install a cover for our patio. Our family loves staying outdoors to spend time with each other and bond, so it will make sense for us to have our patio cared for. Thanks! https://americanpatiocovers.com/glass-patio-cover-for-everett-wa

Shammy Peterson

It made sense to me when you said that awnings could help to limit sun exposure in order to keep your furniture safe from the damaging sun’s UV rays. This reminds me of buildings and other commercial establishments that may need help in protecting their properties from getting damaged due to the sun’s rays. I could imagine how commercial sunshades could be a big help in protecting the furniture and at the same time reduce energy bills. https://www.shutterflex.com.au/facade-series

Ava M

I loved that you said that an awning could provide better outdoor enjoyment since it can control the weather that hits your patio or deck. With this in mind, I will be sure to hire a professional that can install awnings for us. Our children love playing around the deck area, and they sometimes get sunburns. Thanks for sharing this. http://www.illawarrablinds.com.au

Shammy Peterson

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