Choose The Right Shade For You

Choose The Right Shade For You

Patio umbrella's are a fantastic way to update your great outdoor room. It's an investment in your home that will add hours of valuable quality time with your family and friends. However, choosing the right shade for your outdoor room can be overwhelming. With our Good/Better/Best system you are sure to find the perfect shade for you.

Before we break down the system there are a few key foundation pieces you need to know about.

Umbrella Styles:

The Market features a center style pole. This is the most common style of patio shade.  It can be used in conjunction with patio tables that have a built in umbrella hole or can be free standing.

market style pole at Jacobs Custom Living

The Cantilever features the pole off to the side rather than in the center. This style is the most versatile shade option and works well with all seating arrangements. This style is easy to move from one area to the next with our add on feature from Oasis Bases.

Cantilever umbrella at Jacobs Custom Living

O'Bravia outdoor fabric features a 4-year warranty against fading, rot, and mildew. Has a wide selection of colors and patterns. However, when it begins to fade it is a very obvious, nonuniform fade. Neutral colors make the fade less obvious.

Sunbrella is the industry leader in outdoor fabric. In features a 5-year warranty, fade-proof with locked-in color, resistant to UV-rays, has a water repellent fabric finish, and is resistant to mold and mildew. However, when Sunbrella does start to fade it is a much slower process than O'Bravia and is also less noticeable when it does fade.

Single Wind Vent provides basic heat and wind venting. This vent is the standard among patio umbrellas. This vent is good for smaller patio areas where wind is not a huge factor.

Single Wind vent shade at Jacobs Custom Living

Double Wind Vent provides you with twice the heat dissipation and ventilation making it twice as efficient as the single wind vent. This shade feature all gives you an added design feature. This is the best vent style for windy or extremely hot areas.

double wind vent shade at Jacobs Custom Living


Your "Good" Shade Option: Push Button Tilt

  • For center style poles and AG19 Cantilever
  • O'bravia Fabric 
  • Single Vent or Double Vent Shade
  • Push Button to tilt shade
  • This is a good option if you never tilt your umbrella shade
  • This option gives you zero control of how the shade tilts
  • This option is hard to operate for those of us who are height challenged

push to tilt

Your "Better" Shade Option: Auto Tilt

  • For center style poles, AG28 Cantilever, AG25T Cantilever
  • O'bravia Fabric 
  • Single Vent or Double Vent Shade
  • Crank to open
  • The the hand crank operates the tilt feature
  • The tilt mechanism is replaceable if it breaks
  • Easier to operate than the Push Button Tilt

crank to open and tiltauto tilt

Your "Best" Shade Option: Collar Tilt

  • For center style poles, AKZ Plus Cantilever, AKZ Cantilever
  • Sunbrella Fabric 
  • Single Vent or Double Vent Shade
  • Offers the best tilt control
  • Offers maximum tilt movement
  • Easiest tilt to use

twist to tilt

Patio umbrellas are often thought of as just a useful accessory. However, they are a key piece to your outdoor space. Take your time customizing your outdoor shade. It has potential to change your outdoor space entirely.

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