Discover Effortless Elegance: Houe's Click Four Patio Dining Table 160x90

Discover Effortless Elegance: Houe's Click Four Patio Dining Table 160x90

At Jacob's Custom Living, we are committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of outdoor furniture that combines both style and functionality. Today, we are delighted to introduce the Houe Click Four Patio Dining Table 160x90, an exquisite addition to elevate your outdoor dining experience. This table seamlessly blends Scandinavian design with versatility, promising to transform your patio into a captivating dining retreat. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons why the Click Four Patio Dining Table deserves a prime spot in your outdoor haven.

1. Scandinavian Sophistication:

The Click Four Patio Dining Table is a true reflection of Scandinavian design principles - simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic create an understated charm that complements any outdoor setting. Crafted with precision, this table exudes timeless elegance, making it the perfect centerpiece for gatherings and cherished moments with loved ones.

2. Premium Craftsmanship:

Houe is renowned for its commitment to quality, and the Click Four Dining Table is no exception. Meticulously constructed with the finest materials, including high-quality powder-coated steel and FSC®-certified bamboo lamellas, this table guarantees durability and longevity, even when exposed to various weather conditions.

3. Expandable Flexibility:

One of the standout features of the Click Four Patio Dining Table is its extendable design, providing unparalleled versatility. With a convenient butterfly extension mechanism, the table easily extends from 160cm to 220cm, accommodating additional guests without compromising on space. Now, hosting impromptu gatherings or lavish dinner parties is effortless and enjoyable.

4. Thoughtful Design:

The Click Four Table is more than just a dining surface; it's a testament to thoughtful design. The slatted bamboo lamellas not only add visual appeal but also ensure efficient water drainage, preventing pooling and making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. The precise engineering of the extension mechanism ensures seamless operation, allowing you to adjust the table with ease.

5. Effortless Maintenance:

We understand the value of furniture that requires minimal upkeep, leaving you more time to savor outdoor moments. The Click Four Patio Dining Table's low-maintenance design enables simple cleaning with just mild soap and water. Its durable materials also ensure resistance to fading, ensuring the table retains its beauty for years to come.

6. Complement with Style:

The versatility of the Click Four Patio Dining Table extends beyond its expandable functionality. Pair it with Houe's Click Dining Chairs or other outdoor seating options to create a harmonious and inviting dining ensemble. The cohesive blend of style and comfort guarantees an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests.


The Houe Click Four Patio Dining Table 160x90 embodies the essence of effortless elegance and functionality. With its Scandinavian charm, expandable design, and premium craftsmanship, this table transforms your outdoor dining area into a captivating retreat. At Jacob's Custom Living, we take pride in offering exceptional outdoor furniture, and the Click Four Dining Table stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Elevate your outdoor dining experience to new heights of sophistication and versatility with the Click Four Patio Dining Table - your key to memorable gatherings and cherished moments under the open skies. So, why wait? Embrace the beauty of alfresco dining with the Click Four Dining Table and embark on a journey of enchanting outdoor experiences.

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