Don't Let Lighting Ruin Your Furniture Upholstery Project

Don't Let Lighting Ruin Your Furniture Upholstery Project

Jacobs Custom Living in Spokane Wa, feels that lighting is one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to your upholstery furniture or window treatment projects.

Have you ever picked out a fabric item that you knew would be perfect for your space, but once you got it home you where completed disappointed that it was entirely the wrong shade?

If this has ever happened to you, just know, that you are not alone. There is such a thing called Metamerism! This phenomenon changes the look of a color depending on the lighting.

Artificial Lighting & Upholstery Colors

Fluorescent lighting casts off a greenish tone that causes warm colors to look dull. Incandescent lighting casts off a yellow warm tone that enhances warm colors and dulls cooler colors. These days there are so many lighting options it's definitely a challenge to work around when you are completing an interior project.

How To Avoid The Wrong Upholstery Color

There is a very real and easy fix to this odd and annoying lighting issue. Stop by our Jacobs Custom Living Upholstery Fabric Sample Library. You are able to pick out as many upholstery fabric samples that you want. Simple check them out with one of our Jacobs Custom Living Design Experts to take the samples home. Display the samples in the room that the window treatments or the furniture will be place. Make sure to pay attention to how the natural light and the artificial lighting affects the color of the upholstery fabric. Once you have made your upholstery fabric decision, you will need to return the fabric samples to your Jacobs Custom Living Designers. You can repeat this process as much as necessary until you have found your upholstery fabric of choice!

The skill that is required to achieve the look, function and durability of an upholstered furniture piece is why you choose Jacobs Custom Living.

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