How To Use Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers | Spokane WA

How To Use Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers | Spokane WA

Hi, I'm Dave Jacobs from Jacobs custom living. You know I've talked about in the past protective furniture covers especially when we're putting our furniture away in the in the fall. People often worry about what are they gonna do with their cushions. I'm an advocate really of using furniture covers year-round.

Besides just showing you a picture of the package, I want to show you how easy it is to actually put this on your furniture. So it's something that if we get in the habit of doing we get home from work at night, we pull covers off throw them in a deck box. We get done. We're ready to go in. We pull them back out and slide them right on the chair.

So I wanted to show you the cover will come in a package like this. Open it up. All of the treasure garden furniture covers come with a pocket sewn into the band. That you can fold the whole cover up into the pocket and store it away. So once our weather does turn nice and we're warm consistently, then we don't have to worry about it just take our covers off and put them away, but the covers themselves. There's one right there. There's the cover we would open that up the whole thing would turn into itself, but what I like about the cover is that it doesn't move in this particular case.

That pocket is always gonna be on this side. so I'll pick this up. The first thing. I'll do is I go and I find the pocket. Less than 30 seconds, I've got this cover on my furniture is protected. It's easy to use. It's easy to put on. It's easy to take back off like I said. Throw it in the deck box. When you're not using it, your cushions are always going to be dry. They're always going to be clean and the furniture is just going to last a lot longer. so don't be afraid to use this.
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