Jacobs Custom Living Is Built On Family

Jacobs Custom Living Is Built On Family

Jacobs Custom Living is a business that is built on family & cherished moments.

Jacobs Custom Living of Spokane, WA isn't trying to sell you just a rocking recliner, sofa, or fire pit. We understand that your every day life moments are important. And so many of those life moments center around what you are sitting on or sitting around and with whom.

Jacobs Custom Living is here to make sure that what you are sitting on is comfortable, beautiful, and durable. So that you can focus on those around you and enjoy the moment. You can't enjoy the moment if you are feeling fidgety, achy, or uncomfortable due to the uncomfortable furniture.

Your little moments are someone's big moments. That someone is going to think about you every time they see that rocking recliner, or sofa, or whatever it may be. Make sure that piece of furniture is a good one. A quality piece that will last generations. That you are proud to hand down to your children and grandchildren.  It's that piece of furniture that contains all the love that you made everyone feel.

That is what Jacobs Custom Living means when we say purchase quality furniture!

The skill that is required to achieve the look, function and durability of an upholstered furniture piece is why you choose Jacobs Custom Living.

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We also specialize in auto upholstery. Learn more here.

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