Protect Your Investment With Patio Furniture Covers

Protect Your Investment With Patio Furniture Covers

It's so tempting to just leave your outdoor furniture unprotected out on your deck or patio. However, what's best for you and your patio furnishings is to protect them from the outdoor elements.

All of our outdoor furniture is made of all-weather materials. This does sound like our furniture is capable of withstanding anything our Inland Northwest weather throws at us, but covering your outdoor furniture will help prolong the life of your patio furnishings. 

Patio Furniture Cover Options

There are several different ways for you to protect your outdoor furniture. The easiest and most cost-effective method is to invest in protective furniture covers. We offer a complete line of protective outdoor furniture covers that will fit most style or brand of furniture. You will save hundreds of dollars by using this method of protection.

If you have a shed with enough space you can store your patio furniture in there until warmer weather returns. The hottest trend right now is to bring your outdoor furniture inside! Outdoor furniture is kid friendly, has a timeless look and feel, and you can always move it back outside when needed.

Finally, you can install outdoor enclosures. These covered spaces also help prolong the life of your patio furnishings. We also offer customizable awnings. We have partnered with Alpine Patio Concepts to help provide more customized patio covers. We have all your outdoor needs in one convenient location!

Water Resistant vs. Waterproof

Logically you would assume that outdoor furniture covers would be waterproof. Waterproof means that water will not penetrate the cover. The issue with a completely waterproof cover is that the material becomes airtight and loses its breathability. This can cause problems with moisture and mildew under the cover.

Water resistant means that the protective cover is repellent. Water resistant covers are more than sufficient for protecting your patio furnishings from the outdoor elements. Our Treasure Garden protective outdoor furniture covers are made in a champagne color of RhinoWeave, an exclusively designed fabric that is both durable & breathable, water resistant and will not crack or peel.

Protect Your Investment

Outdoor furnishings do need to be protected. Your furniture will last longer and you will save money long term by not having to pay for replacement parts or cushions. You've invested in a wonderfully gorgeous patio set and now it's up to you to maintain it's beauty and function.

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