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Reclaim Your Outdoor Space With Patio Shade Options

At Jacobs Custom Living in Spokane Valley, Wa we really pride ourselves on trying to help people design, and decorate their outdoor living space.

One of the biggest outdoor dining problems is that people build great outdoor rooms with grand expectations. As they're designing their dream patio space they're thinking that the whole family will gather together every weekend, and twice during the week. This is best kind of expectation.

outdoor dining with jacobs custom living in spokane wa

However, that very first family gathering doesn't go as expected. They realize that they are being beat on by the blazing Inland Northwest sun. It's so intense that they're having to take their dining room chairs into the front yard so that they can eat outside. 

Jacobs Custom Living can help reclaim that lost outdoor living space with proper shade. We have retractable awnings, market umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and sail shades. Sail shades is an option that will work when awnings and umbrellas wont. And they add a splash of color to the backyard. 

cantilever umbrellas at jacobs custom living

You can reclaim your outdoor living space by finding the right patio shade alternative that is going to work for you. We may not be able to have answers for everything but we really try hard to help you find the perfect patio solutions. 

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