The Early Bird...Enjoys Summer The Most!

The Early Bird...Enjoys Summer The Most!

Now Is The Time To Get Your Patio Ready

We know that you have already started planning ahead for all those special family gatherings and anticipating those long summer nights for grilling. Having the right patio furnishing enhances those special moments. You want to remember the jokes and laughter shared with your family and friends, not how you had to constantly shift because your legs were sticking to uncomfortable plastic, or how those cushions made your back hurt.

You wait all winter for these moments; don’t risk it missing a second of it! Do your patio right this year and buy early.

What Does Special Order Mean

Special Ordering means that you are able to customize your furnishings to fit your needs and this furniture is not in stock at our warehouse. Special order does not mean it will cost you more money. It does mean you will have to wait 4-8 weeks for delivery.

One size does not fit all when it comes to your patio. Do you have a condo with limited balcony space or a spacious over-sized deck with a glorious lake view? You have very specific patio needs; needs that only “special order” can fulfill.

When Is The Best Time To Order?

Winter or Early spring is the best time to order your patio furnishings. This not only allows you the time to customize shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors to fit into your personal setting but it’s a guarantee that you will have it delivered and ready in time to enjoy every single day of our gorgeous Pacific Northwest Summers!

What If You Aren't Ready For Your Patio Furniture To Be Delivered?

If you use our Early Buy Program, your patio furnishings will arrive early in the season. This is not an issue. We will store your furnishings during the less-than-perfect weather conditions until you are ready to arrange for our white-glove delivery service. 

As you can clearly see, special orders are worth the wait and our Early Buy Program is the way to purchase your patio furnishings. You will get the best in customization and you will have it in time to enjoy every single day and night of the summer season.

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