The Little Red Chair Re Upholstery Project at Jacobs Custom Living | Spokane WA

The Little Red Chair Re Upholstery Project at Jacobs Custom Living | Spokane WA

We recently had the honor to re upholstery this fabulous little red chair at Jacobs Custom Living, in our Spokane WA production and assembly room. We all just fell in love with this darling. It took time and work and expert upholstery skill to recreate this stunning piece of artwork. 

Watch the video below, or go to our youtube channel,  to hear how Dave describes exactly what went into upholstering this little red chair. 

You can hear the pride in Dave's voice as he talks about Dean's upholstery craftsmanship.
You can see the joy on his face when he talks about the work involved in placing decorative tacks. Furniture Upholstery is our first love.

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When I look at a picture like the chair that Dean Jacobs just upholstered, with those decorator tacks, I feel that a lot of us don't understand the process of upholstery or how it is done. 

We just see a chair like the little red chair and we see all those decorator tacks touching all the way around the chair. We all assume that there must be a pre made or fabricated strip that allows the tacks to be put on the chair all at the same time.

That is not  the case when it comes to skilled craftsman upholstery, when using quality, durable material. Each one of those decorator tacks is individually placed. The little pattern on the front of the arms are traced from the original chair, so that the pattern is duplicated exactly.

This chair is one of those upholstery projects that makes a person pause. It's a really cool piece of heirloom furniture. But if you take the time to really look at this piece of craftsman upholstery you will begin to see all the technical work that went into it.

It's upholstery projects like this that keep upholstery fun.

Quality is in the expert placement of tiny details, and it's those tiny details that make your piece a work of art. It's these tiny details that Jacobs Custom Living expert upholsterers specialize in with time honored techniques.

This is why you choose Jacobs Custom Living. We love what we do.

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