The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Jacobs Custom Living Edition from spokane valley wa

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Jacobs Custom Living Edition

Jacobs Custom Living has all the ultimate holiday gift shopping ideas right here! Over the last few years we have noticed that people prefer to shop for experiences rather than items. So we put together a quick list of experiences that you can purchase from Jacobs Custom Living in Spokane Wa. 

1. Longer Nights (patio heaters)

During the Summer evenings longer nights naturally occur. But what about Spring, Fall, and Winter? Just because it's not Summer doesn't mean you can't spend time outdoors with your loved ones. Invest in a patio heater. We guarantee that the warmth generated will create a cozy outdoor patio space all year round. That's a gift that the whole family can enjoy!

You can shop our patio heaters here.

2. Cuddles (curved patio sectionals)

Who doesn't love a good cuddle?! We all do! That's why at Jacobs Custom Living we offer several patio furniture options that will no doubt end in cuddles with your fur baby, or your human baby, you might even cuddle with your significant other. That's a gift that keeps on giving!

You can shop our patio sectionals here.

3. Longer Days (patio umbrellas)

The Summer is the season that we all look forward to. Except every year we forget about that blazing hot sun! It always sends everyone scattering looking for that elusive shade. Not this year! Plan ahead and get a patio market umbrella or better yet a cantilever umbrella. This patio shade will not only keep you from getting sunburned but it will keep you significantly cooler during the hottest hours of the Summer. This gift is guaranteed to give you longer days outside!

You can shop our patio umbrellas here.

4. Memories (patio dining sets)

Ahhhh memories. The best holiday gift you could give anyone. The best memories are always made around the dinner table. We know that not all families like to eat dinner the same why. That's why Jacobs Custom Living has the largest in-stock selection of patio dining furniture in the Inland Northwest. We have a lot of patio furniture options to choose from and then means a lot more dinner time memories are about to be made.

You can shop our patio dining sets here.

5. Ambiance (fire tables)

In our opinion ambiance is the most important factor when creating lifetime memories outside with you family. Jacobs Custom Living can help you set the perfect patio mood by helping you customize your fire table, fire media, and overall patio fire atmosphere. 

You can shop our fire tables here.

6. Classic Comfort (adirondack chairs)

Every guy is looking for classic comfort. You can put your adirondack chair anywhere. In the yard, on a dock, on a deck, the list goes on. It's manly, comfortable, and has just the right amount of arm space to hold your beer.

You can shop our adirondack chairs here.

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