What is Envirowood Patio Furniture?

What is Envirowood Patio Furniture?

Envirowood patio furniture is made from a composite recycled plastic lumber.

Envirowood is the trademark name of the lumber used for Seaside Casual's patio furniture. This plastic lumber is designed to replicate the look of wood but with the added staying power of plastic. Envirowood is an all weather marine grade recycled HDPE polymer. 

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Envirowood is the best in all weather patio furniture.

Envirowood patio furniture is essentially maintenance free. This composite patio furniture is non-porous, resistant to moisture, fading, insects, warping, plus many other issues of environmental exposure that is most common to wood and wood fibers. This patio furniture will not crack in freezing temperatures or expand in the heat. Seaside Casual has designed their envirowood patio furniture to hold up to all kinds of adverse weather conditions for decades.

envirowood seaside casual patio furniture spokane wa jacobs custom living

The envirowood adirondack shellback chair by Seaside Casual is one of our favorites.

The Adirondack Shellback Chair provides a fresh take on the classic Adirondack with a hint of inspiration from the sea and sand. Just the right curve and angle for taking it all in or tuning it all out. Take it easy.

envirowood adirondack shellback chair jacobs custom living spokane wa

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Seaside Casual Mad Collection is an award winning envirowood patio furniture design. 

Winner of the 2016 ICFA Design Excellence Award, the Mad Fusion Chat Chair offers Adirondack comfort in lounge seating, and expands personalization with color fusion options. Designed with relaxing angles and modern appeal, these chairs encourage the enjoyment of being outdoors and sharing conversation with family and friends. 

seaside casual mad collection jacobs custom living spokane wa

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At Jacobs Custom Living it's all about quality, choice and selection. We'll help you find your perfect envirowood patio furniture set that we know you'll love for years and our design service is always complementary!

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