What's The Deal With That Apostrophe?!

What's The Deal With That Apostrophe?!

Jacobs Custom Living; in Spokane Wa,  has gone through quite a few name changes in its 61 years of serving the Inland Northwest as it's premiere furniture upholstery and luxury patio furniture store! There's one change that still confuses people to this day.

Is it Jacobs' Custom Living with an apostrophe, or is it Jacobs Custom Living without an apostrophe?!

Here are a few of Jacobs Custom Living's previous names:

  • Jacobs Furniture & Upholstery
  • Jacobs Upholstery
  • Jacobs' Upholstery
  • Jacobs Upholstery and Patio
  • Jacobs Patio

We are going to make a very long story very short. Basically, the advertising and marketing world struggled with the apostrophe. So to make life easier for absolutely everyone involved, we decided to go ahead and remove that annoying apostrophe for good. Who needs grammar anyway!

The skill that is required to achieve the look, function and durability of an upholstered furniture piece is why you choose Jacobs Custom Living.

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We also specialize in auto upholstery. Learn more here.

Check out Jacobs Custom Living's Luxury Patio furniture here.

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