Hanamint's Art of Cast Aluminum

Hanamint designs and manufacturers sand-cast aluminum furniture is noted for its durability, rust resistance and timeless designs. Sand casting dates back thousands of years and involves numerous craftsmen whose combined efforts produce each handmade piece.


  • Full scale drawings are sent to the wood carving shop.
  • Each piece is skillfully hand-carved to exacting detail.
  • Carved parts are checked for technical details, scale,
    pitch and proportion.


  • A two-part acrylic mold is made of each component.
  • Molds are framed out in wood or metal.
  • These molds will eventually hold the sand that will receive the cast material.


  • The 2-sided mold is filled with special dark river sand that is packed tightly into each side of the mold.
  • In the furnace room melted aluminum ingots are carefully poured into pour holes in the mold. Some pieces can have multiple pour holes which all have to be poured simultaneously.
  • After cooling, the raw aluminum piece is removed from the sand.


  • The raw components are then moved to welding and fabrication.
  • Each piece is then powder coated and in many cases a hand finish is applied.
  • Finally a quality control inspection and packaging.