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A lot of us are stuck at home as our communities are dealing with this virus that is going around. It's frustrating because this is when we're supposed to be going out to Jacobs Custom Living and buying patio furniture to get ready for Spring and Summer!

Let's not wait, let's not miss a moment of our good weather by falling behind and not ordering our patio furniture in time. Let's use our technology to our advantage to stay on track with our Spring and Summer plans. 

Say you're sitting at home and you come across our Jacobs Custom Living website. You see a beautiful chair that you would really like to get more information about. You can call us, you can email us, or you can schedule a virtual appointment were we can Facetime, Skype, or Zoom with you.

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There are 4 different ways that you can pick from to schedule an appointment. We would prefer if you submitted a How To Guide questionnaire. Only because this option gives us enough details about your project to better help you from the very beginning of our time together. The more details the better!

  • Call us at 509.926.4230
  • Email us at
  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page
  • Go to the How To Guides and submit a questionnaire about how we can help

Follow this step-by-step furniture customization process before contacting our Jacobs Custom Living design consultant.

This process will walk you through everything to ensure that your furniture upholstery project, custom window treatments, auto upholstery project,  or your custom outdoor furniture purchase goes smoothly. 

Jacobs Custom Living Custom Furniture Process


Get Inspired

Find examples of items that will give you and us a sense of your personal style. Look online, in magazines, and of course Pinterest is your best friend. 


Take Your Time

Take your time browsing through our website and our showroom. Take the extra time to visit our manufacturers websites for even more  custom furniture options that we can special order for you.


Ask Questions

Ask yourself some questions and be honest with your answers.  What room is the furniture going in? How much time will be spent using the furniture? How do you want your room to feel? How do you want your room to look? Who will be using your furniture? Do you have kids? Pets?


Take Pictures

Take pictures of your room and furniture from many directions and angles. You can email these pictures to us at or bring them into our showroom with you on your phone.


Always Measure

Measure your room and your furniture. This will save you time and stress later in the process of upholstery or when purchasing your furniture. There is nothing worse than have furniture delivered that will not fit in your home. Read more about what to measure here.


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We have access to an enormous selection of designer fabrics, finishes, and furniture that will help bring your vision to life. We can help you design both your interior and outdoor furniture, window treatments, awnings, auto upholstery and furniture upholstery. Contact us here to schedule a free in-home or showroom design consultation

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This form is a questionnaire that will help our design consultant prepare for your virtual design consultation

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The Benefits Of Virtual In-Home Design Consultations

*When we Facetime together during your virtual consultation I will be able to demonstrate the furniture for you. I can stand next to it so you can have an idea of perspective of what size it actually is. I'll even sit in it so you can see how comfortable it is. Of course I don't bring anything into the store unless I know it's going to be comfortable.  

*During this time I can show you the product catolog to see what other types of furniture in the same line is available. We can emai, mail, or drop off this catalog for you if that is what you would like. 

*We are able to look at frame finishes to see what color you want for your patio furniture frame. If we're going to be customizing your patio furniture you will want to see what color works best for you.

*The fun part is picking out the fabric for your outdoor furniture cushions. I know it's difficult because we all want to feel the fabric for texture and softness but we can at least get an idea of colors. We can start walking you through what is available to finalize your ideas for your outdoor living space.

*Another great feature of virtual in-home design consultations is that you will be able to walk us around your patio, deck, or specific living space so that we can have an idea of what furniture might work well for you.

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