3 Ideas For Using Your Outdoor Fire Pit In The Winter

3 Ideas For Using Your Outdoor Fire Pit In The Winter

It's Time To Get Creative With Your Winter Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are mostly thought of as an outdoor patio accessory for the Summer and early Fall seasons; but I would like to challenge you to stop limiting yourself and the time that you spend outdoors. Did you know that with proper care you can enjoy your outdoor patio fire pit all year long? Yes! That includes during our grand Pacific Northwest Winters!

Outdoor fire pits are known for gatherings with family and friends, cool Summer nights, memorable conversations, and camping. Winter outside can be just as pleasurable if you can find a warm, comfortable spot. Fire pits exude all kinds of warmth and ambiance; therefore, making it the perfect must have outdoor winter accessory. Here are 3 creative ideas for using your fire pit outdoors this winter.

1. Kids + Snow + Hot Chocolate + Fire Pit = Memories!

Winter is the perfect time for you to take your kids sledding, skiing, tubing, or snow showing. It's the perfect time for you to be a kid again. Heck! Throw a snowball and build a snowman or two!

Get your patio fire pit going, laugh and play in the snow until you can't play anymore. Then drink your hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cherish those happy faces around you. You can't beat that memory around a winter fire pit.

Don't worry if you aren't at home or you had to travel to a snow hill or camp ground. We have several portable, smaller sized fire pits available. Light weight and easy to pack in the truck. All you need to worry about is having a thermos for that hot chocolate!

2. Do You Want To Build A .....Snow & Fire Pit Fort?

This next idea is a crazy one. But we know how you Spokanites love a good challenge! Build a snow fort this winter large enough to house your patio fire pit. Your kids will love it. Your family will love it. Your neighbors will love it. 

As always, be sure to take all precautions and safety measures. We think you can do it. Take a picture and share it with us on facebook and instagram. And invite us over to sit around your epic winter fire pit! 

The question is...How long will it take to melt?!

3. Host A Winter Outdoor Fire Pit Party

This idea is a no brainer. Host a winter party outside around your fire pit. BBQ some food because we all know a winter BBQ is the best kind of food. Bundle up near the fire pit in blankets, or sleeping bags. If you need some added warmth besides the heat from the patio fire pit give someone special extra cuddles. Since this is going to be an annual winter party it's a great idea to invest in a patio heater. We got you covered there too. Read this post to see is patio heaters are worth investing in.

Not everyone will find this Winter fire pit party idea appealing. Some people just don't like the cold. That's an easy problem to solve...don't have friends like that! Just joking... Keep your friends, keep hosting your winter fire pit party and eventually this idea will catch on.

Don't forget to invest in quality patio furniture and patio fire pit covers. We have the selection of in-stock patio furniture and fire pit covers from Treasure Garden
Also, check out our patio fire pit accessories. We have fire media available that you can not find in a box store. We also have covers and guards. Most importantly don't forget to shop for the best patio accessory...the FIRE PIT!

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