How To Extend Your Outdoor Patio Season

How To Extend Your Outdoor Patio Season

Outdoor living space is crucial to enjoying the Pacific Northwest all year round.

Outdoor living spaces not only extend the living space in your home, but they also enable you to experience the beauty of the outdoors during all four seasons of the year. Creating an appealing patio atmosphere is necessary to enjoying your outdoor space. Check out these tips on how to extend your outdoor patio season all year round.

Create A Covered Outdoor Patio Room

A covered patio space will help in reducing the outdoor elements that are known for ruining your time outside. Pergolas, Awnings, Shades, drapes, and Umbrellas can help to shield your outdoor patio room from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Your patio space will become more enticing during the undesirable weather conditions by creating this functional barrier between you and the elements.
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Create A Flame

Outdoor patio fire pits and fire tables are a wonderful way to create a cozy, fun, romantic, and memorable outdoor atmosphere. Elevate your outdoor patio living space with the warm glow of fire. Learn more about why you need a fire pit this fall here.

Create Warmth

Don't let the cold temperatures of the Pacific Northwest keep you from enjoying your outdoor patio living space. Invest in a Patio Comfort Heater. Having the additional heat of a patio heater will make your outdoor time that much more enjoyable during the cold fall and winter days. 
Read more about patio heaters to see if they are worth the investment here.
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Create Coziness

Provide extra outdoor patio seating to encourage more family and friends to join you outside. Deep seating options allow maximum coziness. Use ottomans that can be used for extra seating. Cover the ugly concrete floor with a new outdoor rug. Place comfortable pillows and extra throw blankets within arms reach.
Outdoor patio living spaces should be used all year round. Just by following the tips above you will be inspired to spend more of your time outdoors throughout the colder months.
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