How To Use An OW Lee Fire Table | Spokane WA

How To Use An OW Lee Fire Table | Spokane WA

I'm David Jacobs from Jacobs Custom Living in Spokane Valley, WA. We want to invite you to our store. We have the largest selection of quality outdoor furniture, fire pits, and shade options that you are going to find in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Today I want to talk to you about our OW Lee fire pits. Ow Lee has done a fantastic job of creating a fire pit that we can use. We don't have to maintain it. We don't have to worry about thermal couplers going out, we don't have to worry about sealing our tile tops. We see beautiful pictures on the internet of flame coming up an so forth but you never see how it got there. So today I just wanted to show you the ease of using an ow lee fire pit.

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What's beautiful about OW Lee fire pits is that you have complete control over your flame. You can have it turned all the way down so that all you have is a little blue flame. Or you can turn it up all the way. You can start to feel the heat off of the fire instantly. Remember that most of our heat goes up.

These fire pits are a lot about ambiance, during the summer especially, but we're getting plenty of heat off of this and that does help us extend our patio season.

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First of all, at chat height, our fuel is a propane tank that is stored right underneath. This is a standard propane tank that you use in your BBQ. The propane tank is on a sliding tray that will slide out for easy access. A lot of times people will put the valve on and just leave it open, some people close it I'm not going to tell you which way to do, that is completely up to you. Just make sure that you open the valve completely.

There is no pilot light. This is strictly a match light. One thing that I do like to tell people when you are using this you need to light your lighter first. We don't want to be clicking why the propane is flowing. Light your lighter, hold it down towards the burners, start turning the knob below. You will here the propane start flowing and then you will have your flame.

I don't know if you can hear it or not but on high I can hear the propane flowing, you can hear the flame going. I to turn mine down. I will have it on high and then I will turn mine down just to calm the flame down a little bit. I find this to be a much more relaxing flame. It also conserves propane. If we bring it down a little bit we have a nice flame, we have a nice fire, still decent heat, but a very relaxing flame. 

Remember, always light your lighter first! 

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