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Amber Glass Gem Fire Media Kit is available at Jacobs Custom Living Spokane Valley showroom.

O.W. Lee

Amber Glass Gem Fire Media Kit

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Amber Glass Gem Fire Media Kit is available at Jacobs Custom Living Spokane Valley showroom.

Each Gem is about 3/4″ diameter, rounded on the top and flatter on the bottom.

• 16″ Rd. Burners = (2) 6lb. Kits
• 20″ Rd. Burners = (3) 6lb. Kits
• 20″ Sq. Burners = (4) 6lb. Kits
• 24″ Rd. Burners = (5) 6lb. Kits
• 10″x30″ Rec. Burners = (4) 6lb. Kits
• 10″x50″ Rec. Burners = (7) 6lb. Kits

• 36″ Rd. Burners = (8-9) 6lb. Kits

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