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Oasis Rolling Bases

Oasis Rolling Base 100lb Zinc Plated Square Umbrella Base

Oasis Rolling Base 100lb Zinc Plated Square Umbrella Base

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Make your outdoor space shine with the Oasis Rolling Base 100lb Zinc Plated Square Umbrella Base at Jacobs Custom Living in Spokane Valley, WA! Its sleek, zinc-plated design is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood. Durable and reliable, this accessory will keep your umbrella stable and secure no matter the conditions. Come see for yourself why the Oasis Rolling Base is the ideal choice for any outdoor area.

Product Description: 

  • Patented internationally unique design allows the Oasis Rolling Base to be moved with the umbrella in the upright, open position
  • Non-marring, sealed bearings, chromated wheels delivers life long protection to your patio and Oasis Rolling Base.
  • High quality ASA Plastic cover to ensure maximum protection from weather, UV rays and impacts.
  • Zinc plated and powder coated body with a vented design provides superior weather protection.
  • Aluminum center mounting spigot.
  • Designed and imported from Germany.
  • Delivered in five separate boxes for easy handling.
  • Fits Umbrella Poles 1-2.165 inches

Superior Weather Protection:High quality ASA plastic cover ensures maximum protection from heat, UV rays, impacts, and harsh weather conditions. Zinc plated and powder coated body to ensure maximum protection from any environment. Sealed bearings and zinc chromated casters to ensure maximum protection from harsh environments. 

Surface Protection: The Oasis Rolling Base is comprised of five packages (the mobile umbrella stand and it's four weights) - Delivery and transportation are easily managed, despite the high total weight which will subsequently guarantee the stability of the stand.

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